Your User Experience Summer BarCamp in Hamburg
For Those Who Want to Build Better Experiences and Products.

UX Camp Hamburg

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About #uxcamphh #3

The third UX Camp Hamburg is over. We had a wonderful time on Saturday, August 16, 2014. UXCampHH is a BarCamp about User Experience. The independently organised event took place at SinnerSchrader, and precious next door. It is by all means a summer camp: besides well-equipped conference rooms on the inside, the location also features roofed and open-air spaces for outside sessions; at least the rain did not hit the buffet. Thank you for your participation and the cool sessions!

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As the UX Camp is mostly a voluntary effort, feedback is the currency. Please let us know what you liked most, and what might be improved for next year. Send an e-mail to the organizers Kati, Martin, and Matthias:

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Keynote at 10 a.m.

Enhancing the Touch

Frank Jacob

HID Platin Keynote fingersense videoshear videotouché videotouchtools video

Sessions at 11 a.m.

Sexy Research

Britta Ullrich

Boost your UX research study by using visual language

Room: eventim


Sketch Notes

RSE13 Video

A Swiss Mini Design Thinking Session

Johannes Höhmann

Room: Medienwerft


UX vs. Design vs. Design Thinking vs. UX

Stephan Raimer & Katrin Herms

Was hat UX mit Design zu tun oder viel mehr, was nicht?

Room: Human Interface Design

Mastering Scrum & UCD Expectation Management

Claudia Schönwälder

Room: precious


Sessions at 12 a.m.

Team Breakers

Chaehan So

Why some people destroy teamwork in Design Thinking Workshops

Room: eventim

SCRUX? Best Practice Sharing: UX + Dev in Scrum

Jens Otto Lange

Workshop: Wie arbeiten wir am besten zusammen? UX + Dev in Scrum

Room: Medienwerft

3 Sheets

Sketch Notes

Snapshot on touchless gesture control

Konrad Köppe

Room: Human Interface Design

gestigon videos

A Timeless Way of Building –

A Brief History of UX Patterns & Dark UX Patterns

Johannes Nanninga & Fiodor Tonti

Room: precious

Timeless Slides

Sessions at 2 p.m.

Service Design meets UX Design

Franziska Semer & Stephanie Weber

Room: eventim


UXHH Discussion

Graphic Facilitation Basic Workshop

Karen Lindemann

Room: Medienwerft

Guerilla UX

Fabian Fabian

Quick and dirty methods for designers, developers, and product owners to create better products together

Room: Human Interface Design


Experten in agilen Produktentwicklungs- prozessen

Eva Maria Schön

Room: precious


Sessions at 3 p.m.

Bestteller – How to tell stories that sell


Room: eventim

Accelerating Ideas through Design Sprints

Allard van Helbergen

Room: Medienwerft

How to change your company with UX

Dirk Brünsicke, Kristina Zöllner

Room: Human Interface Design

Meta Lean UX -
UX Research / UCD / Prototyping

Ralph Lengler, Gregor Schieke

Room: precious

Sessions at 4 p.m.

UX & the City

Jonathan Rez

Room: eventim

Sketch Notes

Video at ixd14

CPUX-F – Now what?

Claudio Diaspero

Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience. Wie lassen sich welche Elemente des idealisierten Prozesses im Arbeitsalltag integrieren – und wie macht ihr es?

Room: Medienwerft


How to persuade decision makers / Software / Practial Examples

Kris Lohmann

Room: Human Interface Design

UX & Agile

Sven Kräuter

Room: precious

Sketch Notes



We are right in the heart of Hamburg-Altona

The venue:
SinnerSchrader AG
Völckersstraße 38
22765 Hamburg (Ottensen)
On Google Maps

How to get there:
Take the train to Hamburg-Altona,
Take bus 2 from the station and get off after two stops at Gaußstraße and walk back a few steps.
Public transport website HVV
Or a 10 minute walk


The Box Office is Closed until July 2015

150 people attended the UX Camp Hamburg. All of our free tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes. If you were not fast or lucky enough to attend, we hope for the best for next time.


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We have wonderful photos from all camps:

By attending the UXCampHH 2014 you consent to photography to be published online under cc license.

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The audio

Some sessions will be recorded for the uxHH Radio. Don’t be afraid – we'll ask for permission case by case.

7 podcasts are online for 2012 and 2013.